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Beyond 20 Seconds: The Independent Mind of the Board

Research shows that typically we are interrupted within 20 seconds of starting to speak, inhibiting thoughtful, innovative and discerning decision-making. In this article Mitzi Wyman explains how the Thinking Environment TM, a framework developed by author and educator Nancy Kline by contrast, creates the conditions for people to say what they really think and where others actually listen, free from the risk of interruption, bringing fresh, independent thinking into our organisations.

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Helping Leaders Find the Time and Space to Think

  • Do you need time and space to think?
  • Do you sometimes feel you barely have time to draw breath, let alone think about the core and critical questions you need to be focused on?
  • Do you experience a constant sense of urgency and rush and suffer under intense scrutiny and the tyranny of the short term?

You know you are capable of more and want to think strategically, but instead fear overwhelm and burnout from the pressure of the everyday.

If that sounds familiar you're not alone.

I've been developing leaders for over 20 years and this is a challenge many face - especially in these turbulent times. That's why I've designed my programmes to take the fear and frustration out of being a leader.

I teach techniques that help you to slow down, listen and connect with the wise, compassionate and courageous leader that is within; that help you to create trust and conditions where all can thrive.

How I can help:

Through coaching, training and facilitated conversations I help you become more confident and empowered; able to ignite and harness the finest quality thinking in the room.

Above all, I help you build a leadership proposition that is uniquely yours.

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Building Better Boards

This program, delivered for one of the country’s leading NHS Foundation Trusts was shortlisted for the 2022 Chartered Institute of Governance's Governance Project of the Year Award.

Delivered over 3 sessions and supplemented with individual and group coaching, it introduced the team to behaviours that helped them to slow down and focus on core and critical questions, creating an environment where all can thrive.

“The fusion of Governance with thinking practices enabled us to transform our governance from linear to dynamic. She delivered a very well and thoughtfully designed programme that me and my colleagues appreciated - thank you Mitzi for creating a sensational experience.”

Nabil Jamshed | Head of Corporate Governance | Guys and St Thomas's NHS Foundation Trust
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Leadership in a Virtual Environment

A series of 4 x 2-hour workshops on the following:

  • Developing Trust in the Virtual Environment
  • Getting the best from people in a virtual environment
  • Managing conflict in the virtual environment
  • Showing up as my best self in the virtual environment

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