• Coach, facilitator, and Thinking Partner
  • Leadership and Culture Change Strategist
  • Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine

A solicitor by background, with training in organisational psychiatry and psychology, I have over 20 years of experience working with senior leaders.

I help them build outstanding organisations that nurture respect, collaboration, and high-quality thinking. When you work with me you feel seen and heard, and experience the transformative power of presence, deep listening, compassion, and respect.

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I began my career as a lawyer, but my fascination with people led me to re-train as a coach, culture change strategist and become a mentor to leaders from across sectors. I’ve been a Non-Executive Director in the NHS, Head of Practice Management at the Law Society and now serve on the Board of Public Finance by Women, the Faculty of the NHS’s National Leadership Academy, and the Windsor Leadership Trust. After discovering Nancy Kline’s work, I found myself drawn to its depth, seeing how it lifted teams, organisations, and individuals out of “stuckness”, creating environments where all can thrive.

I teach the Time to Think Foundation course and the Thinking Partnership Course and facilitate leadership development across sectors, creating a deeply held space for my clients’ generative thinking and discovery.

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"Mitzi is truly fabulous at what she does. After working alongside her, our key management meeting was much more inclusive and productive. We discussed a number of ‘meaty’ issues that previously might not have reached the agenda. We felt a sense of collective ownership and achievement and left the meeting feeling much more optimistic as to what we could achieve"

Nadine Bleasby, Former COO, NIHR Cumbria

Beyond 20 Seconds: The Independent Mind of the Board

Research shows that typically we are interrupted within 20 seconds of starting to speak, inhibiting thoughtful, innovative and discerning decision-making. In this article Mitzi Wyman explains how the Thinking Environment TM, a framework developed by author and educator Nancy Kline by contrast, creates the conditions for people to say what they really think and where others actually listen, free from the risk of interruption, bringing fresh, independent thinking into our organisations.

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