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Thinking Environment Core Trainings

The Time To Think™ Foundation Course

Perfect for leaders, facilitators and people who want to use the Thinking Environment™ in groups. The Thinking Environment™ helps generate fresh thinking and increases resilience in individuals and organisations. When practised at work, it creates a culture of respect, inclusion and genuine innovation.

Learn to transform everyday work and business communications into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences.

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The Thinking Partnership™ 

Perfect for leaders, managers, coaches, and mentors who want to liberate their own independent thinking and create a deeply held space for others to do the same. 

Experience the deep satisfaction of facilitating this transformational process in others.

Undergo shifts as a thinker, have epiphanies, and learn the power of your own life-changing, thinking. And more...

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Alumni Events and Discounts

Perfect if you have previously attended The Foundation Course, the Thinking Partnerships Course, or any of my programmes underpinned by the Thinking Environment philosophy.

Get the support every 2 months to check back in with your practice, and the space to return to a Thinking Environment in order to make the practice a part of your life and of your work.

Think afresh in a small group of alumni, reconnect with your fellow participants.

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The Thinking Environment in Action

Psychological Safety in Health Care

As a healthcare provider, this workshop is a must if you're serious about psychological safety in your organisation. Major reports have found a lack of psychological safety to be a serious problem for the whole of the NHS, contributing to critical incidents, high staff turnover and other key issues.

Learn tools and techniques to begin to create a culture of psychological safety the very next day, how to overcome barriers, and promote well-being for all staff including marginalised groups.

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What the NHS Needs to Succeed - Free Webinar

Attend to hear Mitzi Wyman share what needs to happen to save our NHS and join an open, rich discussion.

What the NHS doesn't need is people going around and around in circles, rehashing the same old ideas. We need fresh, independent thinking and spaces where people can say what they really think and where others actually listen.

You have the answers.

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Coaching and Bespoke Workshops

Leadership Development

Build a leadership proposition that is uniquely yours; learn techniques that help you to slow down, listen and connect with the wise, compassionate and courageous leader within; learn how to ignite and harness the finest quality thinking in the room.

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