The Time To Think™ Foundation Course

Enabling people to think superbly well together

Who it helps >>

Poorly run meetings cost organisations time, money and resources, and leave staff feeling unheard, disengaged and de-motivated.

They lead to poor outcomes, sluggish reporting and a lack of transparency all of which undermines the quality of service and the bottom line.

Who the course helps

The Time to Think Foundation Course helps by providing leaders, managers, coaches and facilitators, with time and space to think and powerful, practical tools  that they can use the very next day to enhance engagement, invite collaboration and ignite innovation in their teams. 

The approach is much needed in these pressing times because, as Nancy Kline, Founder and President of Time To Think, says

"The quality of everything we do, depends upon the quality of the thinking we do first ."

How it helps>>

How the course helps you

  • In these times of constant urgency and rush, you'll learn how to slow down and think things through in a way that saves you time, money and costly mistakes.
  • You'll better manage the ever increasing pressures and uncertainty by learning how to transform everyday work and business communications into clear-thinking, invigorating, positive experiences.
  • Instead of dull agendas and mediocre meetings, you'll learn how to identify and craft core and critical questions that make agendas engaging and invigorating, giving you and your team much needed need focus resulting in outstanding results.
  • Against the backdrop of intense pressure and increased scrutiny, you'll learn how to create a psychologically safe and inclusive environment where people feel confident sharing their thoughts and offering constructive feedback, leading to fresh insights and innovation.
  • Taught online, you'll learn how to use technology to enhance collaboration whilst minimising distractions.

Above all, the approach teaches you how to create a positive meetings culture where participants are able to access the inherent wisdom, compassion and courage within the team, leading to wise choices and good decisions

You'll get to explore the Ten Components of a Thinking Environment in depth and learn the Time to Think building blocks of Rounds, Thinking Pairs, Open Discussion and Dialogue. You'll also get to observe a live Thinking Partnership™ session.

What people say>>

"Not only is the Thinking Environment a straightforward philosophy about communication; its practical, values-based approach makes it great to improve confidence, communication and clarity of thought.  This means that delegates leave Mitzi’s training events enthusiastic about applying their new skills immediately and to good effect"

Adele Wright,  Associate Director, Learning & Organisational Development,  Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

What's included

2 x 1-day sessions 

A 60-minute 1:1 coaching session with Mitzi

A comprehensive PDF workbook


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Sessions run 10:00 - 17:00 over two days on Zoom, in small group sizes to ensure that each participant receives plenty of attention.

For prices, details and to book your seat/s, please contact Mitzi Wyman:

Forthcoming dates

18 & 19 September 2023
9 & 10 October 2023
27 &28 November 2023


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