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Beyond Difference – The Power of Diversity in Health and Social Care leadership videos Oct 09, 2022

A brief introduction to the Beyond Difference program in a healthcare setting.

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Listening Through the Anger – Feelings in a Thinking Environment feelings listening videos Oct 01, 2022

A short video on how to manage feelings so we can listen better during heated meetings where emotions are running strongly.

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The Scourge of Group Think culture thinking videos Aug 04, 2022

A short video to explain the issues around groupthink and it's impact of organisations including governments.

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Beyond 20 Seconds: The Independent Mind of the Board

Research shows that typically we are interrupted within 20 seconds of starting to speak, inhibiting thoughtful, innovative and discerning decision-making. In this article Mitzi Wyman explains how the Thinking Environment TM, a framework developed by author and educator Nancy Kline by contrast, creates the conditions for people to say what they really think and where others actually listen, free from the risk of interruption, bringing fresh, independent thinking into our organisations.

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